Danielle and Mikey - Now Sapphire Resort Cancun, MX

I'm not sure I can truly express my excitement with this wedding. This was my first destination wedding and boy was it amazing! I truly don't think you can take a bad picture at such a beautiful location. 

I met Danielle and Mikey (once I think) a few years ago through a mutual friend back in Chicago. Last year I was talking to this mutual friend , also my best friend / maid of honor, about my photography and traveling and she mentioned Danielle was still looking for a photographer. I told her quickly, I'd love the opportunity! I mean who wouldn't want to travel and photograph a beautiful wedding all in the same weekend! After talking to Danielle, it was an immediate "lets do this" and here we are. They took a leap of faith and I cannot express how thankful I am for this amazing opportunity! 

Today Danielle and Mikey have been married for one month! I can't believe its been a month already! They have been friends/dated for he past 10 years so one month isn't much to celebrate but I know with everything they have been through, they will make it many many more years together. So happy for you both and congratulations again!!!!